Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hello :)

I've been following various blogs for a while now and think its about time I finally set up one of my own. I'm pretty excited about this and hope to post as frequently as possible.

Here are a few designs I did for an info-graphics brief we were given a few months back called 'explaining the offside rule to a martian' where we were asked to produce a design explaining how a microwave works. I as many others in the class misinterpreted the brief and tried to do something humorous. I don't regret doing so as I had a lot of fun thinking of different ways celebrities could use microwaves and melting Michael Jackson's face off on Illustrator.

I hope to add some more old work soon.

(Above) Britney warming her wig before doing a performance.

(Above) Pam both heating and re-inflating her juggulars.

Enough said.

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