Monday, 29 March 2010


Below is a drawing I have done of a geek falling in love. Yeah I know, Im so deep. I was going to put little love hearts somewhere but thought that it might be a bit too obvious.

As you can see I'm a little moustache obsessed of late. It's a pretty unexplained obsession as it was not that long ago i was ranting on about hipster moustaches and how they've ruined the wonderful world of facial hair. I guess its because I enjoy drawing them so much that its had a knock on effect. Now if it were up to me everyone on earth would have some crazy variant of a moustache.

(The drawing looks better on paper. The scanner has killed it off.)

Here is a coloured version of the above dork. I scribbled as quickly as possible some colour to try and liven the image up slightly. Im more fond of the coloured version over the black and white. I think the contrast between the controlled lines of the moustache (aaaah yeaaah) against the harsh scribbley lines works well. Not perfect but potentially something I can have a lot of fun with.

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