Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Designer Paper Toys

New week and a new brief. This week we have been given the brief to design paper toys. We are to make six paper toys that you could download online and put together using basic stationary (glue, paperclips and all that jazz) A really fun and silly brief.

My ideas keep changing and I haven't quite settled on a final idea yet. My favourite idea so far is broken robots that think there something else. Those something else's haven't been decided yet as I'm still playing around with ideas (Please feel free to comment on this post with suggestions. They can be as whacky as you like, I won't judge. Much)

I have spent the whole of today pursuing and developing an idea that has amounted to nothing. Having spent hours and hours cutting out, measuring and doing math that would put Sir Isaac Newton to shame I nothing to show. Probably the only two things that have kept me sane is all the new fantastic music I have been introduced to (thanks for that guys :]) and the copious amounts of tea and biscuits I have drunk and eaten (4 cups of yorkshires finest and a full pack of bourbons. THUG LIFE) So me and my paper friends aren't on the best of terms at the moment. Below is a photograph showing my feelings towards them and here's to hoping that things change and that are relationship blossoms.

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