Friday, 9 April 2010

Eastern Music

I've recently been getting into a lot of eastern music, especially Hindi Music. Iv'e spent hours on youtube and various other websites searching and finding new artists. I'm admittedly hooked. I just love the instruments they use and the sounds they create (mostly the old classical and folk stuff) It's beyond relaxing and sounds beautiful. My favorite artist I've found so far is Ravi Shankar. Introduced to the western world by George Harrison in the late 60's he is a legend of Sitar music and is very well known globally.

Below is one of my favorite Ravi Shankar song called I am Missing You.

I also really like what a lot of producers and DJ's are doing with eastern tracks. Mixing them together with western music creating a really fresh and hypnotic sound.

Below is a track by Ozomatli (featuring Chali 2na) called Super Bowl Sundae and below that is a track by Chase & Status called Eastern Jam.

Check out Ravi Shankar on youtube and let me know if you come across any other excellent artists :)

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  1. May I suggest the album 'the richest man in babylon' from 'Thievery Corporation'? In particular the track 'The richest man in babylon' but the whole album is really good!