Thursday, 29 April 2010


My final Idea for my toys if I haven't already mentioned was to have a load of dancing robots that doubled up as desktop tidies. They all have individual dance moves and hold/do different things. The idea was to have a desktop tidy that you could play and interact with if you ever got bored at your computer. They were named Desktop Disco.

As part of the latest marketing brief we are to take pictures of our toys to use how we choose. So with the help of a very kind Theo we set up a highly professional studio in the kitchen. Below is a photograph of the studio and the

(Oh and just a quick warning to my mother. I'm going to get a haircut soon and I will have shave.)

Myself getting over excited about our super slick studio.

Our make shift tripod.

With all the gear set up I gave Theo a last few orders and the photoshoot began.

The character below is a paper weight that headspins. His head is full of two pence pieces and blue tack which gives him a bit of weight.

This gentle giant's legs move backwards and forwards. There is a broken panel at the back of this robot that you put your elastic bands in to imitate loose wiring.

This robot balances on one leg and uses the pen to perform a cabaret dance move.

This little dudebot has a head you can flick that bobs about in a similar fashion to a nodding dog. He holds post it notes in his mouth. Ideally the post it notes would have been red to imitate a tongue but I couldn't find any.

This beautiful little lady does 'The Twist'. The body rotates round as does the head. She has penholder breasts.

There is another toy but unfortunately it is a bit beat up and wasn't worth sharing. It is a robot that you stick pins into to imitate buttons and its arms windmill.

I will be setting up another blog soon for mine and Loren's company called Paper Party where you will be able to find out about all the different advertising statergies we plan to do, the characters backstories and download them for free to enjoy. So keep an eye out for that. We would greatly appreciate it if you took some time out to try and make the models, leave some feedback or even send us a picture.

I would just like to say thank you to Theo for taking time out of his very busy day to help a couple of noobies, it was greatly appretiated. Go check out his site he has some really nice work on there. We owe him a drink or five.


  1. glad to see my high juice has been immortalized forever on your blog.

  2. Hehe, highly profesional studio.... mmmh.... suuure ! :)
    Thanks a lot for spamming your visitors with my website, much appreciated! :p And don't fret, it was a pleasure shooting your (very creative and amazing) paper toys...
    Also, re-read your second paragraph on this post, it seems you're missing sthng! : )