Thursday, 1 April 2010

Plan B

Anyone that used to listen to Plan B knows how irritating his new tracks are. His first album 'Who Needs Actions When You've got Words' was far from upbeat, but for me thats what made it so amazing. It's an album album about drugs, murder, absent fathers and life where he lives. He doesn't glorify these things. Instead, he shoots them down. He uses clever and darkly witty language to great use, painting pictures in your head the whole time spent listening to the album. He was never affraid to say what he thinks (however foul-mouthed and retch worthy) and made an album designed to shake the listener whilst also being fantastic musically.

Thats what makes his new tracks so annoying. Knowing that he's gone from writing clever and insightful lyrics to writing about more shallow and mainstream things such as how drunk he was last night in the club with his homies (tryna' get a lil V-I) It's just irritating having been a fan of his for a while and watching him lower himself lyrically when you know he's capable of so much more.

If you haven't listened to his old albums and have a few moments spare, listen to them below and I'm sure you'll agree with me (not for the faint hearted, seriously)

Who Needs Actions When You've got Words

Paint It Blacker

His two latest tracks Stay too Long and She Said.

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