Saturday, 3 April 2010

Wordplay Challenge

I thought I'd give myself a little challenge today. My challenge was to produce 10 different wordplay images in an hour. Using the above title as one I went onto a random word generator and started clicking frantically trying to find nine other words. I managed to finish the whole thing (finding the words, coming up with the ideas, run them through illustrator and upload them) in 54 minutes. Some of them work better than others but Im just chuffed I managed to finish before the time ran out. See what you think. Im off for a well earnt brew.

Go check out a good friend of mine Josh Taylor's blog where you'll find some really nice heteronyms as well as many other visual treats for eyeballs.


  1. were you meant to spell challenge wrong on the top one? :P

  2. Bumfluff! yeah I was. ha ill change it later :P