Thursday, 14 October 2010

World Party Clothing.

My friend Josh is proper into his clothes and loves ethically and eco friendly companies. For such a nob Josh is actually a cool and thoughtful guy. He loves design and loves clothing. He's put 1+1 together and has decided to put together his own company and a t-shirt range completely off his own back. Everything about his company and t-shirt range are great. They look funky fresh and are eco and ethically friendly to the bone. From the place it's made, the materials used, the inks used, and even down to the packaging labels. It's mind blowing how much effort he's gone through to get this going and to keep to his morals. Which I think is truly inspirational. Here are a few schnapps of some the clothes.

He hasn't quite launched his website but he has setup a Facebook and twitter page for some sneaky previews and to get a feel for the company. So go cover your ugly self/friend up with some sexy little numbers and quit offending my eyes.

Chaw for now.

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