Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Here are a few images I have made using a technique called databending (glitching an image). It's where you change the coding of an image using WordPad (for PC users) or TextEdit (mighty Mac users) which then corrupts the file altering the final image. It's a pretty random process, you never know what the image will turn out like. Check out these links for more information.

This and this website gives you a detailed explanation on how to glitch images using WordPad and TextEdit. I used that technique on the image below. Apparently glitching on WordPad gives a far greater result. The one time a PC is better than a Mac. Even then it's technically better at being worse.

Benjamin Gaulon (RECYCALISM) - This guy is great. He offers a download that allows you to glitch images and videos (The two images below were used using the video glitcher) He also has an external site which is linked on the website that allows you to upload an image and glitch it. I haven't had any great results with that website though. Worth trying.

FFD8 - This website is great. You can do a lot of glitching on the actual site. Unfortunately you can't upload your own pictures but you can use a webcam if you have one. He explains the process of glitching and why it happens really well. The two images below were made on his site.

So go and give it a go! It's suprisingly fun.

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