Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dignitas Euthanasia Clinic

This week we have been given a one week advertising brief. We had a series of options to choose from. I chose the launch of a new Dignitas clinic in Manchester. I initially started off with a lot of crude and humour based ideas. After a lot of thought I decided against it. Assisted suicide of terminally ill people for me isn't that funny. I tried to potrait the peace of mind when making this decision and take into consideration the family and friends of the person making this decision. I didn't want to convince people to kill themselves (well not these people anyway) I just wanted for them to be aware of the clinic. This is my solution. This brief has put me (as Mica finely put it) on a bit of a downer. I have found myself doing this work listening to Damien Rice, Bert Jansch and John Martyn slowly spiraling into depression. But, on the upside it's all over on thursday and this weekend promises to be a good one. Never thought I'd say such a cheesey line but... BRING ON THE WEEKEND! (urgh, I feel dirty)

Let me know your thoughts and if you can think of any improvements.


  1. alright man...looks good. have y tried shortening it down just to releaving?

  2. no i haven't actually. I'll give it a go and see which one people prefer. cheers man

  3. Glad to know that you won't be listening to Damien Rice for much longer.

    Nice work, a brave attempt at a very scary brief. Can't fault you with the work. :)

  4. i love damien rice! >: | ha ta grace