Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Travelling Puppet Theatre Company Stationary

The second of the two stationary sets. I've got a hidden trick up my sleeve with this one that I can't show on this. Again, thoughts and criticisms are more than welcomed!

Also, I forgot how amazing this track is. Speakers loud, bass high and a brew. Beautiful.


  1. shmellooo, mabs on the letter and the envelope the hand is too close to the edge of your page, unless this is part of the super duper master plan, which i am very excited about :):)

  2. haha think your probably right! but yeah it is ;)

  3. Hey Lee. Yeah I agree with Mica, the hands are too close to the edge in those layouts. I'd also take all your information a little bit in from the edges as they kind of look like they're slipping off the page, but other than that they look really cool. I especially love the different hand gestures for everything (I think my favorite is the business card one).

    I just had a random thought... What if you made the positioning of the hand logo a bit more random for the letter head and business card? You could make it like a stamp and just have it randomly placed on the page (maybe not too random actually, Jim might think you're on crack lol). You could argue it's sort of a hand-made touch since puppeteers are obviously hands on people.

    Is any of this making sense? I way too tired this morning, should have left this till the afternoon lol.

    I also think your envelop could stand out a bit more. Maybe make the whole thing purple with a white hand, like your business card?

    Hope this was some help man. I'm not scared this time as I've been brushing up on my scalpel skills... bring it on punk ass!!! :P